about us

GeneOne is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing
of nucleic-acid based vaccines and therapeutics and novel small molecule drugs

Our values

geneone life science


Global biotechnology company leading the development
of novel next-generation biopharmaceuticals.

GeneOne Life Science aims to improve human health globally through our novel next-generation vaccines,
biologics and therapeutic products

core value

Quality is ingrained
in GeneOne’s work and our values.
We strive to achieve excellence in the research, development
and delivery of high-quality therapeutic product.
We innovate to create value for patients,
for our partners in research and for our shareholders.
We constantly seek original and creative product solutions
for unmet medical needs.
GeneOne maintains and demands the highest ethical standards
both in ourselves and in our collaborators.
We act to protect and uphold all regulations required
to develop and produce the highest quality research
and biotechnology products.
GeneOne’s people are the cornerstone of our success.
We dare to attempt the impossible,
but to achieve it we know that we must work together.
Our leaders strive to foster greatness
in one another and in our teams