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GeneOne Life Science, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical R&D company dedicated to the development and contract manufacturing of Gene-based-Biomedicines, including DNA vaccines.

GeneOne Life Science is a global leader in the field of gene-based biomedicine. Between 2014 and 2016,
GeneOne Life Science advanced three DNA vaccines into clinical trials against highly fatal and morbid
diseases with pandemic potential including Zaire Ebola virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and the Zika virus. Moreover, GeneOne is the sponsor for and was the first to
start clinical trials against MERS-CoV and the Zika virus, and remains the only company with a MERS-
CoV vaccine in clinical development.

GeneOne Life Science is distinguished from its global competitors in its vertical integration in the arena
of DNA plasmid-based vaccines and therapeutics through its internationally-recognized contract
manufacturing organization (CMO), VGXI, Inc., that maintains international standards for the manufacture
of cGMP compliant DNA plasmid products for clinical pharmaceutical use. VGXI, Inc. is the only CMO that
has manufactured vaccines for Ebola, MERS-CoV, and Zika.

GeneOne Life Science has established collaborations with domestic and multiple international companies
and academic partners to expand its R&D pipeline for the development of plasmid-based and novel
biomedicines. Furthermore, GeneOne Life Science's expansion into genomic medicine will allow for
identification of targeted therapies that places GeneOne Life Science at the forefront of the field of
personalized medicine.

GeneOne Life Science has continued to advance in innovative technologies and fields of research and
medicine that can be readily moved towards commercial applications to strengthen its base as a global
company in the development of gene-based biomedicines. GeneOne Life Science's employees and
executives are dedicated to contribute to enhanced public health and welfare through successful new
drug development.

Thank you.